Tips on Water Conservation for your Garden



Having a yard full of colorful flowers and a bright green lawn makes your home look so appealing. However, having this type of landscaping often means using exorbitant amounts of water, and in this day and age, water conservation is on everyone's mind.

By following these helpful tips, you can still have a nice lawn along with a beautifully landscaped yard using minimal water.

Water wisely. Irrigation systems supply water only to the plants that need it. Emitters on the system are placed at the base of the plant and send out a specified amount of water just to that plant when the timer is on.

Improve watering efficiency. Water timers and smart controllers regulate how much water is going through your irrigation system or the sprinkler on your lawn. To avoid excess evaporation, set the timer to water during the coolest part of the day.

Select plants carefully. Research the types of plants that naturally thrive in the environment you live in and plant as many of them as you can. Try and plant drought-tolerant or drought-resistant ones as well.

Add a thick layer of mulch. You can make your own mulch from leaves and plant debris around your yard, or you can purchase quality mulch from a nursery. Place a thick layer around the base of the plants to help hold water in the soil and to reduce evaporation.

Keep the grass longer. When you plant your lawn with drought-tolerant grasses, they don't need to be cut as short as many traditional kinds of lawn grass. When mowing, keep the level of the grass a bit on the longer side, as it helps to keep the roots cool and shady.

By conserving water, you can help the planet while still enjoying a healthy and beautiful yard.

Source: loveyourlandscape.com

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